Yaron Haviv

Over the last two decades I was doing and managing advanced development and research in various data center technologies, such as storage, databases, cloud, networking etc. getting intimate with their internals, and having the unique view of the integration between the different disciplines, which are in many cases dealt with as independent silos, with different owners.

In my CTO and VP roles I was working with the bleeding edge of IT customers and architects in Web and Cloud infrastructure companies, Financial Services, and High-performance computing, and engaged closely with the major server, storage OEMs, and software partners on their future products and how they can exploit our technologies building blocks.

I recently came to a conclusion that we need to redesign storage architectures from the ground up to deal with the future requirements coming from Clouds and BigData (Variety, Volume, Velocity). It needs to follow innovations coming from the large web infrastructure companies coupled with new software and hardware technology building blocks, and address new challenges. This way provide users much lower TCO, better scalability, flexibility, and manageability.

This Blog’s intention is to share knowledge, and provide insights into the reshaping of storage architectures from legacy Arrays, SAN, and NAS to various SDS (Software Defined Storage), Cloud, and BigData driven approaches.

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